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Welcome to Zimgerm IDIPA

We are the reliable Bridge for - Zimbabwe - Germany Business

Our expertise on the socio-economic cultures of Zimbabwe and Germany,

gives us the leverage to understand the needs of each country and how best to fulfil them.

We create the communication bridge

And showcase Zimbabwe to German investors, while assisting project owners in Zimbabwe access capital for their projects

We showcase Zimbabwe's Great business sectors

Zimbabwe is one of the world leaders in terms of abundance of trending natural resources. The country is the world's third biggest producer of Platinum and other Groups of metals. It has Gold and Diamonds, Coal, Iron and Steel. It has now discovered large fields of Lithium for smartphones and Power storage. Zimgerm wants to help Zimbabwe to leverage on those minerals to assist economic recovery.


Zimbabwe is proud of a mega exciting tourism sector.

The Victoria Falls, world's third greatest wonder...

A thriving Mining sector

Mining is one of Zimbabwe's key forex earner sector. However, optimal performence in the sector is mostly hampered by capital deficiencies. The government has announced measures to reform its policies to attract investment

Power Generation

Zimbabwe has over 12 Hours of clear sunshine per day. But due to financial constraints not much has been done to harness that power to revive the ailing economy. Investment in this sector has great value.


Not long ago was Zimbabwe named the Breadbasket Of Africa because of its mega agricultural output that it exported all over Africa including Europe. But after the land reform that saw farmers who were connected to the colonization era lose their land, most of the land is now lying idle because the new beneficiaries lack either capital or knowhow to make use of it.

At Zimgerm

Our mission is to make it possible for all stakeholders to find and profit from each other.

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In Short..

We are a Germany based, International Development And Investment Promotion Agency- IDIPA. It’s a platform for Businesses between Zimbabwe and Germany. We help project owners in Zimbabwe connect with German investors in a transparent (monitored) environment. We create the bridge using a selection of essential services that fit both parties.

See Services for more details on what we do.

How It Works

Investor Pool In Germany


Projects In Zimbabwe
Zimgerm strategically operates two professional team instances, with one team located in Germany and another in Zimbabwe.

Team Germany is the principal in charge of acquisition of investors and directing them to the available projects in Zimbabwe. 

This team is multilingual and has competent knowledge about the socio-economic cultures of both countries, enabling it to effectively bridge the communication gape between the business partners.

The team in Zimbabwe takes care of the search, the assessment and selection of valuable projects for investors.

Team Zimbabwe also walks the Investor through the necessary bureaucratic steps and procedures of investing. After-service includes monitoring of processes in the projects.

See Services for more details on what we do, and Sectors  to select line of business.