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Zimbabwe is one of the top-ten most natural resource-richest countries of the world. The list of obtainable minerals is almost endless, however, the operations to get most of them from the ground is hampered by lack of capital. Zimgerm aims to assist the small scale miners get the finance they need to scale up their operations. Good capitalization can go even further in professionalizing the processes and bring an end to conflicts and health hazards faced by the miners. The ROI is worth every cent invested. 

Video is from a Mine in South Africa. Same geographical area and stone as Zimbabwe

The Minerals

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Gold is a major resource in Zimbabwe. Besides Diamonds it is one of the country’s biggest forex earners. It can be found at many places in the country with differing density.

Diamonds play an important role as revenue-earner in Zimbabwe’s. There has been a rush followed by another after they were discovered in different areas of the country. Most players have been from China, but not much now. This means that a lot of mines are now lying idle waiting for capital injection to start operations again.

Zimbabwe shares a big Copper belt with its neibough Zambia. The Zimbabwe side of the belt has not been accessed due to financial constraints. Investment can revive the export of this useful metal.

Where Gold is there is also Silver. These two minerals are in great abundance in Zimbabwe but still underground. Investment here will optimize the processes and create great value