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The Document

This document is for Investors.

Its about how the process of investing in Zimbabwe will be handled by Zimgerm.

Zimgerm undertakes to ensure that there is professionalism in everything done in its name. This means that we will put a great amount of  our energy into ensuring that the processes under our care strictly adhere to the given rules, whereby ( ZG Monitoring) by deviation, we take action to stabilize the process early. 

Zimgerm General work program

The fist step is to get the information about particular companies of interest.
The second is to check their value on the market by collecting necessary information throgh channels we have established. Thats when the company will appear in the list of the elligible companies named Zimgerm’s list.

Zimgerm’s List.
This is the list that contains selected companies from which an investor can choose from.

Steps till investment

There are two ways that lead to investing in a project.

  1. by checking the list of new projects on Zimgerm’s List
  2. through Zimgerm.


After an investor has identified a project of interest, he gets in touch with us -Zimgerm- via internet and telephone or contacting the Bulawayo office, represented by our operations manager.
An appointment will be made to exchange information regarding the targeted project.

Zimgerm presents the data to the investor, and investor decides.


Zimgerm can from time to time send offers to the pool of investors informing them about new interesting projects, or updating information on old projects that now appear interesting or otherwise. After securing interest for a particular project from the investor, Zimgerm gets to work, making arrangements for the introduction of the two parties to discuss the modalities. Either Zimgerm plays the middle role, processing data on behalf of either party till completion of the transaction, or when both parties agree, Zimgerm can hand over the project after getting paid.




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