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We are the path and the bridge for the creation. We implement to accomplish that mighty goal.

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We want to create a stream of business between Zimbabwe and Germany, because we are convinced of the profitability of the connection for both countries in the near future. The potential for economic growth for the two countries lies in the nature of what each has to offer as a nation. Germany offers exactly that what Zimbabwe needs to move forward, gain momentum and leave the list of poor countries, which is; 1. Technology and 2. Work ethics. On the other hand, Zimbabwe has in abundance the resources that can help drive Germany’s ambitions to expand and dive strongly into the Fourth Industrial Revolution against its competitors.

We are the path and the bridge for the creation of that connection. Below is a selection of some important services we implement to accomplish that mighty goal.


We are the bridge between the investor (Germany) and the Project (Zimbabwe). One corner stone of our business is providing a transparent communication hub between Investors and their corresponding Projects. It begins with the introduction of the two parties to one another and continues throughout the project’s cycle.

Project Assessment

The first thing we do is assess and select companies with potential which need capital. Then we introduce them to potential investors. As the investor will probably be entering a new market, we also check for other risks and security concerns related to the targeted investment.


Based on our in depth knowledge of the economic and social cultures of both countries, we can provide the investor and the project owner with true and useful firsthand information about developments on markets on each side. For example, if the Zimbabwean producer wants to expand his market base, we help by spotlighting the German market and trends regarding his products, so that he/she can make informed decisions.


This is one of the key points that sets us apart from anyone seeking to attract investment. We do not disappear with our check after connecting the business partners. Using Blockchain Technology, we continue to assist the investor stay abreast of the developments by monitoring the progress at the project till its fruition. The ability to monitor is one of the preconditions for getting the investment!. We are the eyes and ears of the investor, as well as the supporting arm for the project owner.

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