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For project owners

Zimgerm is the best place to turn to for businesses with lots of potential but are struggling financially. We are the bridge connecting Projects in Zimbabwe with Investors in Germany. Generally we earn our income through commission after creating the investment, but in order for us to operate and find those serious investors as well as those worthwhile projects, we charge a small amount to support our operating costs.

Pick any of the amazingly cheap plans below to add your project and access other useful resources of this site. Its worth it for your business.



$ / m
  • Insert Company
  • Zimgerm's List
  • ZG Investor search
  • Arbitration
  • Plan not renewable

This plan is suitable for small businesses or startups with a desired capital of max: $2000k



$ 30 / m
  • Insert Company
  • Zimgerm's List
  • ZG Investor search
  • Arbitration
  • Renewable

This one is good for established businesses with a desired capital of max: $5000k



$ 45 / m
  • Insert Company
  • Zimgerm's List
  • ZG Investor search
  • Arbitration
  • Renewable

For established businesses or big projects with required capital of min: $5000k

Project owners who are just starting can use this plan to test their chances on the investor marketplace using Zimgerm as a tool. It’s free and for a month, lets the owner enter a different but much more exciting place than a normal bank to find financing.

Advanced Startups or established businesses seeking to expand or diversify, can take this plan to task. It costs only thirty dollars a month, a fraction of what normaly would be charged for that kind of service.

With this plan, project owners join Zimgerm’s List,  the great bazaar of hungry LAI (Look Africa Investors), looking for new frontiers.

This subscription is easily renewable in case no connection took place.

Advanced Startups with big project ideas, or established big businesses seeking major renewals and revivals can use this plan to look for funds. For this plan Zimgerm offers one extra service for the project owner namely, arbitration in cases of conflicts.

Other Services

Besides the above listed features,

  • we stand by the project owner for instance, when he or she has difficulty communicating with the investor because of issues like language barriers, mentality etc,
  • or when the project owner feels misunderstood about the value of his business.
  • Some businesses may not be looking for finances as such, but a market for their product. We assist these also by offering them a marketplace to showcase their products in the European Union.

Purchasing any one of the plans above is a great investment in your company. You will get the chance to be on a platform, full of investors, who are searching for projects.

There is no better exposure. It will definitely increase the chances of landing a deal to assist your business.

We are proud to be true and serious, we stand for forward thinking.

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