Zimgerm IDIPA


We aim to create a solid stream of business between Zimbabwe and Germany.

We truly believe there is great value and profitability in the connection for both countries.

Here is where the potential lies:

Germany as the EU’s strongest economy can support Zimbabwe in many ways, for example through, infrastructural modernization, technology transfer, trade-agreements update with the EU and financial support via Investment.

Zimbabwe, a country abundantly endowed with the most trending natural resources of the world right now, can strategically inject those resources to support Germany’s economy.

A win-win case

We are the reliable partner for the creation of that connection. We know the two different cultures well, which gives us the confidence to function effectively as middleman for the business parties.   Our daily is, search for viable projects in Zimbabwe and after going through them, we offer them to a pool of our investors in Germany.  View featured projects.

Our key services  include:

The Communication Hub

A special corner stone of our business is providing a transparent communication hub between investors in Germany and their corresponding project partners in Zimbabwe. It begins with the introduction of the two business parties to one another - where we play the pivotal role giving support to either side- and continues throughout the project’s cycle.

Research & Analysis

Based on our in depth knowledge of the economic and social cultures of both countries, we provide the investor and the project owner with true and useful first-hand information about developments on each side. For example, we help by spotlighting the German market and trends regarding the Zimbabwean producer's products, so that he/she can make informed decisions.

Project Assessment

The first thing we do in projects is to identify companies in Zimbabwe that have growth potential and need capital. After assessing them, we introduce them to potential investors in Germany. And as the investor will probably be entering a new market, we also check for other security risks that may be directly or indirectly related to the targeted investment, as extra service.


What adds extra quality to our services is that we do not disappear after connecting the businesses and receiving the cheque. We continue to assist the investor stay informed by monitoring the progress of the project till its fruition, while assisting the project owner with accessing additional finances, if needed. We are the eyes and ears of the investor, as well as the supporting arm for the project owner.

We acknowledge the prevailing uncertain business climate in Zimbabwe, and we do not hide it from our potential clients. As a consequence, we offer our partners not only a platform to fulfil transactions professionally, fairly and respectfully, but we also assist in navigating the difficult streets, while maintaining an eye on the laws of the country.

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