Zimgerm IDIPA

Agricultural Models

Contract farming

With contract farming (CF) we aim to capitalize on the arable land all over Zimbabwe which is laying idle after farms were taken from white farmers. A lot of indigenous Zimbabweans who profited from the Land reform have used the land to become good Tobacco farmers and help the country earn much needed foreign currency through export. But a lot of others just sat on the land for a number of reasons one of which is lack of capital and know how. These are the farm owners which Zimgerm will be targeting to create a cooperation. We have identified Land in the most arable regions of Zimbabwe ranging from a few Hectors to hundreds where different types of plants can be planted. 

Product Marketing

As many indigenous farmers got to work, producing tons and tons of products, they were suddenly faced with a situation of not knowing where to sell their products. We have discovered that many crops which grow easily well in Zimbabwe do not grow well in other parts of the world but are still needed by the people there. Zimgerm aims to assist those farmers with finding a viable market for them overseas.

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